Skyrim: How to Get Dragon Priest Masks and What They Do

Skyrim: How to Get Dragon Priest Masks and What They Do

Skyrim: How to Get Dragon Priest Masks and What They Do

Skyrim: How to Get Dragon Priest Masks and What They Do

The Dragon Priest Masks are an uncommon item of armor in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, accessible by beating every one of those dragon priests situated around the state of Skyrim.

Most dragon hens are observed near term walls, occasionally located on dragon burial sites or destroy, meaning the Dragonborn will occasionally enter into a struggle with a challenging dragon whilst trying to acquire the Dragon Priest Masks at Skyrim. Each mask is called after its own dragon priest also has a special effect enchanted for this.

Skyrim Masks

Bahrain may be the very first Dragon Priest Mask many gamers will encounter in Skyrim since it crosses paths with the most important quest. Situated at the Nordin destroy of Skuldafn, this place is only available via the late-game pursuit The World-Eater’s Eyrie, and it functions as the portal site to Sovngarde. Bahrain is a slice of heavy armor that delivers a +50 enthusiast to Magicka and deducts 20 percent from Restoration and Destruction Magicka prices.

The ruin of Valthume is that this warrior Hevnoraak’s grave is the antagonist of this pursuit Evil in Waiting. His mask is located within the ruin, which can be secured by means of a mystery doorway. The alternative for this frequent Skyrim puzzle is dragon, hawk, and wolf from the top to bottom. The Hevnoraak mask leaves the wearer immune to poison and disease.

The dragon lair of Sharepoint homes a phrase wall guarded with a solid dragon and a warrior called Krosis. After killing the dragon priest, the mask will probably provide a +20% enthusiast to Lockpicking, Archery, and Alchemy abilities and is deemed light armor, which makes it great for sneaky archers. And north-east of all Markarth from the ruins of Ragnvald has located Otar the Mad secured at a sarcophagus. The Dragonborn will have to conquer both guardians and loot their own Skull Keys to unlock it and conquer Otar. His mask enhances Fire, Frost, and Shock Resistance by 30 percent .

Rahgot expects the Nordic to destroy Forelhost, as does a word wall. Aside from a cultist, the Dragonborn will not need to struggle else for Rahgot, which delivers a +70 enthusiast to Stamina. Straight west of Dawnstar, players may locate Vokun along with a few Draugr. Vonkun’s mask reduces the price of Alteration, Conjuration, and Illusion Magicka by 20 percent.

Further along the coast, west of Solitude, the destroy of Volskygge reaches the dragon priest Volsung. His mask raises carrying capacity by 20%, provides 20% greater deals while wearing it, and permits the wearer to breathe underwater.

And over the spooky ruins of Labyrinthian, players will experience Morokei throughout the College of Winterhold questline. After beating the manager of this Staff of Magnus pursuit, Morokei’s mask provides a higher rate of 100 percent to Magicka Regeneration. One other important mask is discovered in Labyrinthian: the Wooden Mask. On the other hand, the mask does not offer a buff like its counterparts; rather, the Mask is used to get the warrior shrine.

Ultimately, Konahrik could only be accessed after collecting every one of the additional masks. The participant will have to input Bromjunaar Sanctuary by sporting the Wooden Mask. After putting each mask onto its own respective bust, then the last mask Konahrik will look at. All masks could be obtained again then, and Konahrik gives the exceptional capability to cure the wearer and damage nearby enemies when health is reduced.

Dragonborn Masks

Together with Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC, a few of Dragon Priest Masks can be located on the island of Solstheim and also offer you fans that are unique. The first of those five is Ahzidal, situated at Kolbjorn Barrow in the conclusion of this Unearthed pursuit. The bit of heavy armor raises Resistance to Fire by 50 percent and gives a damage bonus to the Augmented Flames devastation spell of 25 percent.

Within White Ridge Barrow, players may locate the word wall to your Cyclone shout, among those Black Books, along with the warrior Dukaan. His mask grants 50% Resistance to Frost, and Frost’s spells do 25% more damage. Likewise, Zahkriisos Delivers the same Resistances and fans, however to Shock. Zahkriisos can be discovered at Bloodskal Barrow; a grave situated north of Raven Rock.

And Miraak is the principal supervisor and antagonist of this Dragonborn DLC, along with his mask, which is only accessible after beating him. The mask’s skill is dependent upon the participant’s skills. Miraak’s mask may either be mild or heavy armor, whichever amount is greater, and the growth to Magicka scales dependent on the participant’s degree when they first encounter the mask.

Skyrim: How to Get Dragon Priest Masks and What They Do
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